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Bar Packages

Our full service bar package is for 100 people or more and includes juices, soft drinks, mixers, ice, plastic glassware, cocktail napkins & drink garniture.

Standard Brands:
Smirnoff Vodka
Bacardi Light Rum
Budweiser or Miller Beer
Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin
Clan McGregor Scotch
Jim Beam
Christian Brothers Brandy
Windsor Canadian Whiskey
Chardonnay & Merlot Wines

Premium Brands:
Ketel One Vodka
Budweiser, Miller, or
Michelob Beer
Chardonnay & Merlot Wines
Beefeater's Gin
J & B Scotch
J Bavet Brandy
Canadian Club Whiskey
Jack Daniels Whiskey
Bacardi Light Rum
Mickey Finn’s Wheat Ale


Alcoholic Beverage Service Policy

Bauer’s Party Masters Catering is committed to the responsible service of alcoholic beverages to responsible consumers. We are also committed to actions that will help reduce traffic accidents involving alcohol. Accordingly, all of our employees are required to follow the procedures listed below.

  1. No employee will serve an alcoholic beverage to any person under 21 years of age or to any person who is visibly intoxicated.
  2. In order to be served an alcoholic beverage, any guest who is apparently under 30 years of age is required to present documentation that shows him or her to be 21 years or older. Acceptable documentation is a driver’s license with photo or photo identification issued by a governmental body.
    a. The employee will check the identification to ascertain that it is authentic. The manager should be informed if there is any appearance of forgery or tampering.
    b. In the absence of authentic identification, or in case of doubt, the employee will refuse service of alcoholic beverages to the customer.
    c. Bauer’s Party Masters Catering personnel will not, under any circumstances, knowingly serve alcohol to any person under 21 years of age, regardless of parental approval.
    d. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the manager immediately when a customer shows visible signs of intoxication. The server or manager will then inform the customer that further service of alcoholic beverages is no longer legal and suggest an alternative refreshment.
  3. Any customer showing visible sign of intoxication will be urged to use alternative transportation.
    If, after strong arguing, he or she refuses, a reasonable attempt should be made to obtain the keys to his or her car. If, despite these efforts, the intoxicated customer leaves in his or her car, the license plate number should be noted and the appropriate law enforcement officials should be notified.
  4. All employees will fill out an incident report whenever required, for example when service is
    refused to a guest or when alternative transportation is arranged.
  5. All drinks are measured according to house policy.
  6. No employee will serve several drinks to a guest during a short interval.
  7. All employees recognize that violations of the liquor code or any illegal drug activity will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

We appreciate your assistance in maintaining these policies and look forward to a fun and safe event!

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