The Lehmann Mansion

Catering & Facility Policies

The following policies have been developed to allow you to host a successful event at the Lehmann Mansion. They were developed to assist you in making decisions on your menu, theme, and guests as well as to protect you and your guests from any misunderstood guidelines at the Mansion.


To secure the space for a private function, renting the house only; a  minimum deposit of $$1,000.00 is required.  This amount includes $500.00 to Bauer's Party Masters Catering for the catering deposit and $500.00 to the Village of Lake Villa for the facility fee deposit.

To secure the space for a private function, renting the house and the tent (where guest capacity dictates that the tent be rented):  a minimum $1,500.00 is required. This amount includes a $1,000.00 deposit for the Village of Lake Villa, and a $500.00 catering deposit. If you are using a personal check for your deposit, this must be accompanied by a credit card guarantee. Deposits are non-refundable.


Thirty (30) days from receipt of the initial deposit, 15% of the food and beverage portion is due.  The balance of your final bill must be paid ten (10) business days prior to your event.  A $500.00 Security Deposit is also required at that time.  The Security Deposit may be returned to the customer after the event provided no damages have occurred and all outstanding balances have been selttled due to any overtime or incidentals incurred during the event. 


Guest number confirmation is due ten (10) business days prior to the event. Final billing is based on the guaranteed count, must meet facility and catering event minumums and is not subject to reduction. If attendance exceeds the guarantee, you will be charged the additional fees on your final bill.


A wedding ceremony set in our pituresque outdoor site will be charged chair rental and set-up fees. Set-up and take-down for White Wooden Garden Chairs is $4.50 per person. Other chairs are available, ask the Catering Manager for those prices. Rehearsal date and time will be scheduled according to venue's and caterer's availability. Rehearsal time is limited to one hour. Additional time may be arranged at a rate of $50.00 per hour.


All food, rentals and beverages are subject to 20-25% staffing charge and 7% sales tax. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices will be raised only with the occurrence of an unusual increase in a food or rental item or fair market value.

Menu Prices include complete china, flatware, glassware and linen service and for seating 12 guests per table. (Tableware upgrades are available at additional cost).


Organizations with a tax-exempt status must submit a certificate 501C-3 certification to Bauer’s Party Masters Catering no less than two weeks (14 days) prior to the event.


All deliveries must be made no earlier than three (3) hours prior to your event unless special arrangements have been made. Set up of your music, flowers, room décor, etc. are limited to no earlier than 2 hours prior to the start of your event unless previously arranged with Bauer's Catering.  Set-up and delivery times may need to be changed if there is an event prior to your event.  All deliveries and arrial times need to be approved by Bauer's Catering at least 3 weeks prior to your event.  Equipment may be unloaded through the NORTH Tent Entrance Door only.  All delivery vehicles must be immediately removed from the tent entrance after unloading.  Parking is available to vendor vehicles at the farthest North end of the gravel parking lot for the remainder of the event.

Ceremony Set-up

The Lehmann Mansion does not provide Unity Tables, podiums, speakers or microphones, but can be arranged with Bauer's Catering, with minimum 3 weeks notice.

Tent Decor

Any additional lighting, staging or material decoration is provided exclusively by Bauer's Catering, Inc.

DJs and Bands

Band or DJ equipment may not extend beyond the 8x12 stage or onto the dance floor area, must not block the kitchen entrance and must be neatly set-up along the tent wall.  Electrical outlets and 2-40 amp circuits are available directly behind the stage.  All cords must be taped down by tape provided by DJ or Band and must be removed by them without damaging stage, carpeting or flooring.  Modifications to the dance floor and/or stage are available and are at client's expense.


Florists need to have as much of their product assembled prior to delivery and must check-in with Catering Manager upon arrival for direction on set-up.  Florists may not unload or set vases onto any tables inside the mansion or the tent until approved by Catering Manager.  Florists are responsible for providing their own vases, water cans and supplies.  All debris, boxes, containers, associated with assembling, arrangement or placement need to be removed by the florist prior to the start of the event.  All florals, centerpieces and decor needs to be removed within 1 hour of the end of the event, unless previously arranged.

Photographers and Videographers

Equipment may be housed in the coat room or in a location of the tent or mansion that will not hinder service.  Location of all set-up needs to be approved by the Catering Manager upon arrival.

Event and Wedding Coordinators

All details of the event:  schedule, list of vendors and deliveries needs to be approved by Bauer's Catering at least 3 weeks prior the event.

Take Down - Event End Times

All equipment, decorations, floral, band instruments, dj's equipment, etc. must be completely removed within 1 hour of the end of your event.  Any overtime incurred due to longer take-down activities will be at the client's expense.  Bauer's Catering and the Lehmann Mansion will not be responsible for any items left; this includes florals, vases, equipment, decorations, client's personal property or client's guests' personal property.

Bridal Rooms and Upstairs Rooms of the Mansion

The Bridal Rooms and Upstairs Rooms (excluding the Executive Loft - unless previously rented) are provided as a courtesy and convenience to you.  A covered table and waste cans are provided in each bridal room as no food or drinks are allowed on the furniture.  Garments and personal belongings need to be hung in the closet in each bridal room and not from the fixtures or furniture.  These rooms need to be left in the same good condition that they were found.  A $200.00 cleaning charge per room may be applied if these conditions are not met.


It will be decided by 10:00 a.m. on the morning of your event if a ceremony, outing or event may be held outdoors or if it must be moved indoors (to the tent), or space permitting inside the house -  due to inclement weather or conditions.


Some events may require additional clean up due to age of the group or theme of the party. Your Event Coordinator will discuss this with you prior to writing your proposal and you will be charged according to needs.


No food or beverage may be brought into the Lehmann Mansion without prior approval from the Catering Manager. No donated food or beverage may be brought onto the premises. Any leftover beverage and/or food remain the property of Bauer’s Party Masters Catering unless previously arranged with the Catering Manager.


Coat check and valet services are available at an additional price and can be arranged with your Event Coordinator.


Bauer’s Party Masters Catering and The Lehmann Mansion do not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise brought into the facility for meetings or special events by the client or their agent. All items need to be removed on the evening of the event. The client will be responsible for any items left after an event.


The Catering Manager must approve all decorating concepts at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. No nails, tape or staples are allowed on any walls inside the Mansion or the Tent. Open flames, fireworks, paper lanterns or sparklers are absolutely not permitted. All candles must be enclosed in a hurricane type enclosure. At no time will taper candles be allowed. Votive candles with holders may be used. Any costs associated with burns, wax or smoke damage will be incurred by the client.


No glitter, confetti or decoration smaller than 1 inch in diameter may be used for decorating. Fake flower petals can NOT be used on the grounds (outside) - only fresh.  Fresh flower petals can NOT be used on the floor inside the Mansion, only fake.  Forfeiture of your Security Deposit plus a $100.00 cleanup fee will be applied to your final bill if this policy is not adhered to.

Clients are not permitted to use ladders or exterior equipment in decorating. Labor needed for any hanging of decorations will be provided at an additional charge.


Standard Solid White or Solid Color Linens are included with menu prices. Upgrade linens, overlays, chair covers are available at client’s expense and must be ordered through Bauer’s Party Masters Catering. Your Event Coordinator has many patterns and styles that can be rented to make your event unique. Linen charges will be reflected on your estimate contract.

All tables within the Mansion, the Tent and outside usage are required to be covered with appropriate linen.


Saturday events require a 150 guest minimum for tent rental and catering, Friday evening events require a 125 guest minimum for catering and Sunday evenings on a holiday weekend require a 125 guest minimum for catering.  


If AV equipment (screens, projectors, podiums, microphones) is required, Bauer's Party Masters Catering can assist with the rental of these items with 3 weeks notice as the Lehmann Mansion does not own or provide this equipment. 


The Lehmann Mansion (tent included) is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted ONLY outside of the building. Smoking in the lobby, foyer, tent, bride’s room or bathrooms will not be tolerated and subject to fines. Any costs associated with burns or smoke damage will be incurred by the client. Ash trays and receptacles are located outside of each entrance for Smokers' trash - any additional clean-up associated with cigarette and cigar remnants will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

Other Notes:

Children are warmly welcomed at the Lehmann Mansion; however they require close supervision by an adult at all times.

You may be responsible for additional staff time for cleaning/damanges if your guests have left glassware, dinnerware, linens, etc. around the property; or if there is an unreasonable amount of cigar and cigarette debris that may need to be picked up; or if there are any other additional items left by yourself or your guests; or if your vendors spend more than the allotted time to break down and load their equipment after the event has ended.


Please note that we do not allow shots, or Long Island Ice Teas with any of our bar options.  All liquor must be purchased through Bauer's Catering as NO outside liquor is allowed.  We also reserve the right to discontinue serve at any time; and require I.D. for all guests; failure to provide legal I.D. prohibits service to that guest.

Customers and their guests are required at all times to act in an orderly and respectable manner.  There is a No Tolerance Policy regarding the following actions which are prohibited:  Fighting; Providing alcoholic beverages to underage minors; Use of drugs; Carrying in alcoholic beverages from personal vehicles; Carrying weapons or firearms; Defacing the Property, Tent, Equipment, Furnishings or Grounds.  Evidence of these activities will result in the immediate termination of the Event.  There will be no return of the Security Deposit or refund of any fees.

Failure to comply with any of the above conditions, or if any overtime is incurred, or if there are any damages to the property, tent, grounds,mansion or the facility, will result in the forfeit of your security deposit and you will be responsible for the labor, repair or replacement of any damaged items.

Our goal is to provide you and your guests with a safe, fun, and clean environment to host a spectacular event - your knowledge and adherence to the above policies will ensure that!

Thank you - Bauer's Party Masters Catering and the Lehmann Mansion.



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